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How to change the image drum


How to change the image drum


To maintain the high quality output from your printer, you must prime the new image drum using the priming cartridges supplied.



Please note your printer may look different from the image in the animation


1. Please ensure your machine is powered on. Open the printer’s top cover fully.

2. Remove the image drum assembly complete with toner cartridges from the machine. Place to one side, do not discard at this time.

3. Take the new image drum out of its packaging and remove all packing pieces. Slide the coloured collars to the left to lock the priming cartridges in position.


4. Install the new image drum, locating the pegs at the sides into their slots in the sides of the printer cavity.

5. Close the top cover and wait for approximately 4 minutes.


The machine will automatically start the priming process. The priming process takes approximately 4 minutes to complete. During this time, the Attention/Status LED will flash and the LCD screen will illuminate. Ignore any on-screen messages. When the priming process is complete, the printer engine noise will stop and the light on the LCD screen will go out. The Attention/Status LED will continue to flash. If your machine has a Power Save button, this will illuminate.

6. Open the printer’s top cover fully and remove the priming cartridges. Place into the recycle bags supplied.

7. Remove the original toner cartridges from the old image drum (removed in step 2) and reinstall into your machine.

8. Close the top cover and pack the old image drum inside the packaging material for disposal.

For further information please see the installation guide shipped with the product.

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